More about our technology

To model the parts we use a very powerful CAD solution. This suite is recognized by the biggest manufacturers, it allows us to optimize all aspects of the parts we make. Thus we can know in advance the behaviour of the part according to the materials applied and the constraints to be respected.

printing methods


few examples

Door handle trim

TVR 3000M

To illustrate our business, this is the first project we have done.
The happy owner of a TVR 3000M came to us with the need for new handles for his car.



She sent us her old split door handle so we recovered the main dimensions to model the new door handle.
We sent it to our partner DiStudio 3D for printing, who, after 10 years of experience in 3D printing, guided us in the printing of the part.

SC-Car rudder guide

Citröen Xantia Activa

This is a more technical part that we made. Citröen in 1991 launched the production of the Xantia, we are particularly interested in the Activa version which has a mechanism allowing it to turn flat. On this mechanism billets come to slide on the front gear and are held by a sliding pivot connection to the frame, this sliding pivot connection is made by a small plastic part as below:



It is an element that wears out over time, today Citröen no longer offers this part in the catalog, so we have launched a production of this part necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle.

Differential Module Switch

Renault 21 2.0L Turbo Quadra

A car tuner told us about his problem, a part of the switch of the differential blocking module having broken. He asked us to reproduce this small part that became impossible to find:

Before / After

before / after

We produced it in chromium-cobalt, an interesting alloy due to its mechanical qualities and its more attractive price than titanium, for example.

3D printing materials

The technologies and materials we use allow us to produce a wide range of parts, whether plastic, resin or metal. Discover below all the materials currently available.

Plastic materials

Coffee Bean

Nylon pa12 (white plastic)

Coffee Bean

nylon Pa11/12 (grey plastic)

Coffee Bean

nylon pa11 (black plastic)

Coffee Bean

soft plastic

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

Nylon 3200 chargé verre

Coffee Bean

Carbon mide

Coffee Bean

Multijet fusion pa12

Coffee Bean

PEBA 2301


Coffee Bean

Resin Verowhite opaque

Coffee Bean

Résine Veroclear translucent

Coffee Bean

Acrylate for prototypes

Coffee Bean

polyuréthane rigid 70

Coffee Bean

Polyuréthane Elastomer

Coffee Bean

Ester de cyanate

Coffee Bean

polyuréthane flexible

Coffee Bean

méthcrylate d'uréthane

Metallic materials

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

steel 316l

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

sterling silver

Coffee Bean



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